Alice Herrick’s work involves drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography and performance exploring the body, sensuality, nature, systems and patterns.

Alongside her own practice, Alice has worked as a freelance curator with a passion and purpose to discover, nurture, promote and exhibit numerous emerging artists and collaborate with many established artists.

Introduced over a number of months to a series of works in different forms, which are part of the whole body of work that Alice has created, I am aware of how these various mediums intersect, and that they may yet describe a whole from which something more may emerge. This is my wish. This is my imposed narrative, and a consequence of looking but not seeing.

Looking particularly at her most recent works on paper, I began to see that as much as they are gestures in an arc they are completions, each part is a whole in itself. This seriality is integral in a practice that imprints muscle memory in both the artists mind, and that of her Other, whether it is the figure in the picture she is drawing, or the viewer in the gallery, alone at the well of ink, paint and paper, momentarily without inhibitions and distractions, who sees her own mysteries laid bare up on the wall.

There is a foolish risk that one tries to decipher the works frame by frame, and I feel a flowing eroticism permeate my thoughts, and the sexual pulse is part of a much broader experience, one amongst many conditions of being. In the works on paper the body of her images are microcosmic slivers taken from all parts of these conditions, and sex and intimacy and flex and flow come in and out of focus as the art investigates with vivid delicacy what we are, both to our selves and each other, at such proximity that I feel intruded by the probe of her insight.

There is symbolism at play here, but it would be a waste of time attempting to decipher the masks, doll parts, orbs and capillaries, or the pretty accidental ludic genitals  that float surreally by, for they are how it feels, when I lose my literal sense of what I think is going on,  and while there is something figurative and at times cartoon, the images are not joking, but lovingly, blisteringly, serious, like the coupled motif of a jig as he pokes, and she receives, and then envelopes as she pierces his certainties with her openness and candor and arms and legs around the world, or as she kneels and peels inside a torrent of oranges, reds and quivering coils of lustrous thoughts, illustrating a familiar place in a dream, so this sclerotic dance strips us bare to the bone and is flesh as it is held in the mind, and sings of the eternal divide between what we are and what we crave inside.

Still I try to decipher the riddles, defending myself against their possible truths, and find each series is a capture of complicated chances driven forward by a honed and crafted knowledge of the effect that marks make, and how they hold emotions in time and space, and each image is a map of feeling, of my fleshy fibre as it feeds off the amygdala in the cortex of my brain, channeling deeply retained intelligence of the patterns of the compound matrices of enzymes and minerals that are the roots of human being. There is matter here for the mind, to quip and analyse, but open to laminar flow, and see the map in your hand become a whole world within.

Julian Firth, writer & actor, June 2019

Artist Biography


1993       MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

1992       BA Fine Art 1st Class Honours, Kingston University



Art Car Boot Fair, Dreamland, Margate

Art Car Boot Fair, Lewis Cubitt Square, Kings Cross, London

Miniscule Venice, Fondamenta Sant’Anna 996, Castello, Venice, Italy

Miniscule 2, Cross Lane Projects, Cumbria

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad, Q Park, Whitcomb St, London


Christmas Wrap Party Art Car Boot Fair, Vauxhall, London

Protocol, Q Park, Cavendish Sq, London (performance & installation)

Art Car Boot Fair, Granary Square, London

Art for Barbican, Barbican Centre, London

Artist’s Muse, with Dalston Ballet, Sketch, London (performance)

Exquisite Garden, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Here East, London


Art Car Boot Fair, Folkestone Triennale

Art Car Boot Fair, Vauxhall, London

Le Coq Artistes, Chinese Open 2017, Q Park, Whitcomb St, London 


Big Deal No.7 - Space, Q Park, Whitcomb St, London 

Vroom, Ansell Cizic, artist house, London 


kith & kin, Crescent Contemporary, Taunton, Somerset 

Coiling Forces, Artsway, Hampshire 

Fall of the Rebel Angels, Venice, Italy 

Sculpture & Photography, Members’ Show, Vout-O-Reenee’s Arts Club, London

Chinese Open 2015, Q Park, China Town, London 


We Could Not Agree, Q Park, Cavendish Sq, London

A Comfortable Man, Cathal Smyth album debut & exhibition, Wilton’s Music Hall, London 

Factual Nonsense, A Fete Worse Than Death 20th Anniversary, Red Gallery, London 

Chinese Open 2014, Q Park, China Town, London 


Vitis Vinifera, Aleksic & Mortimer, London 

Big Deal No. 5, Q Park, London 


Moby Dick Big Read, artwork chapter 104 & reading chapter 128

Plate, Herrick Gallery, London

Big Deal No. 4 - Virtual (with Gavin Turk)

The Party Show, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London 


Glitterbug, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London

A Step into the Art World, Top Floor Hoxton Square, London 

East Pop Red, Red Gallery, London

East Pop West, Goldhawk Estate, London 

Big Deal - Sexy 100, Spring Place, London 


Provenance, Bath Spa University 

Exquisite Trove, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall 

Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London  

The House of Fairy Tales, Anima Mundi, St. Ives, Cornwall


Horn of Plenty, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London

Exquisite Trove, The New Art Gallery Walsall 

Fairy Tale Collection I, East Room, London 


The House of Fairy Tales, Zoo Art Fair, Royal Academy of Art, London

The House of Fairy Tales, Rochelle, London 

In Pieces, T1&2 Gallery, Myddleton Square, London 


Kumbh Mela, School of African & Oriental Studies


Out of India, Museum of London 

Beauties & Beasties, Gallery Seven, London (solo exhibition)


draw_drawing, Gallery 32, Brazilian Embassy, London


Artists of Promise, Bonhams, London

Four Young Artists & David Mach, Richard de Marco Gallery, Edinburgh

Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London




Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London - founder, curator & gallery director


British Women Artists Prize - judge


Dalston Ballet - visiting artist & performer


KT-LAB: An Art Expedition Artist Task

Contemporary British Painting Prize - judge


Herrick Gallery, Shoreditch, London - founder, curator & gallery director

2011 to date

Friends of Arnold Circus - trustee, events organiser, fund-raising print curator

2010 to date

Art Consultant - exhibitions, auctions, art commissions, art collections

2007 to date

Curator of exhibitions & live art events


The House of Fairy Tales - art director & exhibitions curator

1990 to date

Art workshop leader & art tutor


Production Designer & Art Director for feature & short films, commercials & music videos

1989 to date

Private & public mural commissions